TAPS – The digital future of mobility

How it works!

The TAPS sensor detects the object, relays the received signal to the TAPS gateway via a proprietary radio protocol. With this associated gateway, the vehicle detection sensor calibrates itself completely automatically after installation.

Taps System

After processing, the received data is immediately forwarded to the customer-specific infrastructure via the desired interface. With the user-friendly TAPS software suite, the desired data can thus be retrieved, displayed and evaluated in real-time.


The growing world population and the subsequently expanding urbanisation represent an ever increasing challenge to cities around the globe. This intensifies the social, economic and ecological pressure and the search for innovative solutions in order to manage the growing complexity continues.


Even today megacities such as Paris, London or New York are already on the brink of facing a gridlock. How to solve the traffic problems in the coming years here is a question that must be addressed. The traffic management today has several problems and only offers a few sustainable solutions as the implementation of the smart traffic of tomorrow should cost as little as possible. And it is exactly here, where we come in.


Based on a high level of technological competence and by deeply understanding the requirements of the urban community, LTS AG solves an urgent market problem by introducing complete modular solutions – wireless sensors for ground registration of streets and car parks (TAPS) – and thus guiding the traffic sector into the digital future.

No battery

With the smart traffic and parking management system TAPS, LTS AG has the world's first completely energy self-sufficient ground sensor.

Easy & quick installation

Beyond that, the LTS AG sensor is easily and quickly installed in the ground within approximately 30 minutes.This means that roads need not be torn up on a large scale in the future.

Low maintenance

The cost-intensive installation of induction loops and cables as well as the high maintenance costs over the years will become a thing of the past.

Highest detection rate

All sensors have a minimum detection rate of 99% due to advanced and proprietary algorithms.

Keine Batterie

Mit dem smarten Verkehrs- und Park-Managementsystem TAPS verfügt die LTS AG über den weltweit ersten komplett energieautarken Bodensensor.

Einfache & schnelle Installation

Sowohl die Installation als auch die Instandhaltung von Induktionsschleifen sind aufwändig und teuer, weil die Fahrbahndecke abgefräst und der Boden aufgerissen werden muss.


Das aufwändige Verlegen von Induktionsschleifen und Kabeln gehören der Vergangenheit an. TAPS Sensoren reduziert die bislang kostenintensiven Bau- und Unterhaltskosten um bis zu 50 %.

Robuste und praxiserprobte Lösung

Die vom TAPS-Sensor ermittelten Daten  werden direkt und automatisch über das TAPS-Gateway weitergeleitet. Unsere Plattform verarbeitet die Daten in Echtzeit und stellt diese dem Endkunden zur Verfügung.

A Startup Theme Like No Other

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Taps Infrastructure

Complete solution | Traffic and parking management

World‘s first completely energy self-sufficient ground sensor

The ground sensor from LTS AG was developed to function in the demanding environments. TAPS uses electromagnetic sensors to detect the presence of vehicles. All sensors have a minimum detection level of 99% due to advanced and proprietary algorithms. Furthermore, the sensor is completely energy self-sufficient and does not rely on batteries or rechargeable batteries. The sensor can be used in the field of dynamic traffic management (replacement of induction loops) and intelligent parking management.

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The TAPS Gateway receives data from deployed sensors via the implemented wireless connectivity and passes this data on. This data can be forwarded to a cloud service or to a customized infrastructure. With LoRa, SigFox, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and optical interfaces, all integrations are offered.

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After processing, the received data is immediately forwarded to the customer-specific infrastructure via the desired interface. This data can be managed by an in-house server infrastructure or in the cloud.

The TAPS Software Suite is a platform-independent local or web-based real-time software that enables cities and parking operators to effectively manage parking spaces and streets. It contains functionalities for the analysis and archiving of data in real time. Configuration, monitoring, visualization and analysis are the components of the software package. In addition, TAPS offers secure, standard web-based API services that can be used to connect to third-party software solutions.

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The advantages of the sensor at a glance

Distinctly lower initial costs, lower maintenance costs, autonomous energy supply of the sensor as well as the data transmission and evaluation in real time mean that maximum flexibility is obtained in all application areas (recording, evaluation, forecast).

Replacing induction loops

Short installation time

Low maintenance

Charging process during running operation

Protected against environmental influences

Different sensor technologies for recording


Measuring cycle specific customers’ requirements

Lower life cycle costs

Innovative energy concept

Energy self-sufficient

Data in real time

TAPS Sensor