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Project Zurich

Robust and field-proven solution

Traffic management with TAPS sensors on a busy street near the main station

In the project of the city of Zurich, the new TAPS traffic management concept of LTS AG was implemented on Museumstrasse, right next to Zurich main station. The solution with an energy self-sufficient ground sensor and a gateway as data receiver was the perfect solution for the demanding test environment.

The city of Zurich wants to be a leader in the field of Smart City traffic management. This became apparent when a new solution for traffic counting was commissioned. The busy Museumstrasse next to the main railway station was chosen as the test environment, where, in addition to the train traffic, a busy two-lane road with two tram lines and a cycle path is located. With this environment a new system was to be presented under difficult conditions. With TAPS sensors, a novel product for wireless traffic data acquisition was introduced. The test environment is based on classic situations at traffic lights and in the open flow of traffic. The quality of the values for presence detection, traffic counting and traffic jam detection were determined with TAPS traffic management.

In mid-2019, six TAPS sensors were installed for the project; three sensors are used as presence detectors (each 1 meter from the holding beam to the middle of the roadway), one sensor in free flow (about 10 meters from the control cabinet in the direction of Sihlquai) and two sensors for perennial detection (in free flow about 150 meters from the control cabinet). For the installation the road was closed for 30 minutes per TAPS sensor during the night and traffic was diverted. The TAPS sensors are installed flat to the road surface by means of spot drillings.

The TAPS sensors extend to a distance of 250 meters. The data is sent to the TAPS gateway using its own protocol and processed. The gateway receives the data and transmits them via different interfaces like LoRa, NB-IoT or LTE (soon also 5G possible). This data can be monitored and analysed by the city of Zurich on a user-friendly interface. With the innovative traffic management TAPS, the aim is to offer customers a 100% demand-oriented and progressive system that meets the latest standards.

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