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The world's first completely energy self-sufficient ground sensor

The ground sensor of LTS AG was developed for different stakeholders. TAPS uses electromagnetic sensors to detect the presence of vehicles. Due to advanced and proprietary algorithms all sensors have a minimum detection level of 99%. Furthermore, the sensor is completely energy self-sufficient and does not depend on batteries or accumulators. The sensor can be used in the field of dynamic traffic management (replacement of induction loops) and intelligent parking management.


The TAPS sensor uses different sensor technologies to detect the object and transmits the received signal via a proprietary radio protocol to the TAPS gateway. After processing, the received data is forwarded in real-time via the desired interface to the customer-specific infrastructure (e.g. server or cloud).

TAPS Sensor

Essential features

Innovative energy concept - energy self-sufficient

Update Over the Air (OTA)

Short installation time of 30 minutes

Different sensor technologies for detection

Charging during operation

Protected against environmental influences

Lower life cycle costs than comparable products

Low maintenance and scalable

``Keepalive`` adjustable to customer specifications

Real-time data


Maintenance tool available

Areas of application

Induction loop replacement

Dynamic traffic management

Adaptive construction site switchgear

Adaptive congestion management

Public parking spaces

Single parking space monitoring

Car parks

Park level

Park monitoring - Forbidden parking

Limited time parking

Park sharing

Disabled parking

Main specifications


Magnetic detection

Detection time: real-time

High reliability: >99%


Proprietary radio protocol

Operating frequency bands: 868 MHz (EU) / 902 MHz to 928 MHz (US) /

920 MHz to 925 MHz (Singapore)

No repeaters required

Communication range: up to 150 meters from sensor to gateway

Energy supply/lifetimeEnergieversorgung/Lebensdauer

Energy self-sufficient through innovative energy concept

Lifetime > 10 years

Mechanical features


Dimensions (Ø x H): 155 x 46 mm

x H): 155 x 46 mm Weight: 1.5kg

Body material: V4A / safety glass

IP67: Compliant - Resistant to all types of weather conditions

Ambient temperature: -25°C to +65°C

Storage temperature: -25°C to +65°C

Humidity: 0% to 100%

Deployment Tools

The configuration of the sensor and the updating of the sensor firmware can be provided via radio (OnAir).

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