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Effectively manage parking spaces and roads in real-time

The TAPS software package is a platform-independent, local or web-based real-time software that enables cities and parking operators to effectively manage parking spaces and roads. It contains functionalities for real-time data analysis and archiving, configuration, monitoring, visualization and analysis. In addition, TAPS provides secure, standard web-based API services that can be used to connect to third-party software solutions.


Installation and management of parking spaces or measuring points in traffic management.

Maintenance solution

Maintenance and servicing of parking spaces or measuring points in traffic management.

Over-the-Air (OTA)

Firmware updates of the sensors Over-the-Air (OTA).

Data storage & export

PUSH or PULL to the IT systems of the customers.

Big Data

Collect, analyse, structure and make available data produced daily.

Control system

Parkplatz vor unbefugten Personen mit elektronischer Genehmigung schützen.

Payment system

Reservation and payment of parking spaces in advance.

Reports & statistics

Customizable analyses and regular reports/trends.

Taps Software
TAPS Software Suite
Taps Open Data
TAPS Datenmanagement


Location configuration

Group sensors in areas or sectors

Assign attributes to sensors such as:

– Type of area (e.g. disabled parking space)
– Payment information (e.g. prices)
– Occupancy limits (percentage of available areas, average or total occupancy

The configuration tool includes a table and map with all network devices:

– Sensors
– Gateways

Taps Software
Taps Software


The tool consists of two main dashboards:

The tactical overview dashboard provides an overall view of all activities

The device dashboard provides a detailed overview of the status of all sensors and gateways and their behavior in a selected time period. It can detect a local problem in time and triggers an alarm to avoid critical situations

Summary of the current data from the entire network


Indicates the duration of stay:

– The sensors are coloured in a different colour depending on how long a parking space is occupied

By clicking on the respective device, the user can quickly visualize the average occupancy time and the average turnover of each sensor and sector within the network

Historical installation information (by sector or sensor) is also available

Downloadable reports per slot or sector, daily or monthly, in CSV or MS Excel format

Taps Software
Taps Software


The TAPS system provides secure, standard web-based API REST-services to connect to third-party software solutions and provides a link to a data warehouse where all historical data is aggregated and stored. The system provides the APIs in JSON and XML format.

The type of API used depends on the solution that the customer wants to implement.

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