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Welcome to the world of dynamic traffic management and intelligent parking from TAPS. We enable the intelligent and efficient use of the collected data in traffic management as well as in the individual monitoring of parking spaces and realize the idea of a networked and smart city.

TAPS is a total solution and at the same time a data supplier for your company. Whether in the area of traffic management or intelligent parking, we ensure that you can offer your customers groundbreaking solutions.

Cities & municipalities

We deal with exactly those problems that all cities and municipalities face – busy city centres and the eternal search for free parking spaces. Our technology is easy to install, increases your revenue and is virtually maintenance free.



Bring the employees to their workplace faster and in a targeted manner. Guide them through real-time data to the free parking spaces and thus end the eternal search for free parking spaces. Our data also enables the accurate enforcement of reserved, visitor and disabled parking spaces.


Public institutions

Optimize parking by identifying underused parking areas and directing traffic to them. Help your customers avoid the frustration of searching for a parking space.


Parking space manager

Consistent parking space management means that the car park of the future will become a fully integrated part of the mobility chain. Whether it is a multi-storey car park, parking deck or public parking spaces, with TAPS you will reduce maintenance costs by up to 50%.


Traffic Integrators

With the sensor, TAPS replaces the costly loop systems on roads and parking lots. Installation and maintenance costs are reduced by up to 50% by using TAPS. Expand your portfolio with TAPS and offer your customers real alternatives in the field of traffic, parking and smart mobility.


Property manager

The TAPS sensors immediately send a notification when a vehicle is parked or stopped in a prohibited area. We use permits for this purpose. Our technology monitors such parking spaces and implements parking regulations efficiently and seamlessly in your property.


Traffic planner

With TAPS you can use the latest technology for your planning and consulting company. With TAPS you can decisively upgrade your portfolio in the areas of traffic, Smart City and Smart Mobility. Among other things, you can use it to develop optimal solutions for your customers by making forecasts with real-time data.


Parking services

Your current parking app only shows you which parking spaces are pre-booked or currently booked. However, you do not have any real-time information about whether a vehicle is actually in the parking space. With TAPS you can use the real-time data and integrate it into your own system. We break through this barrier for a better city experience.


Charging station operator

By combining the charging station and the TAPS sensor, you know exactly whether a charging station is occupied or free. If a vehicle is parked on the parking area but the charging station is not needed, you will be informed that the charging station is free. In reality there is a car on the parking space. With TAPS you solve this problem.



The airports offer different parking and stopping possibilities for delivery and collection vehicles. In addition to long-term parking (multi-storey car park) there is also short-term parking (pick-up/return). In these short-term zones, you can use the TAPS sensors to automatically monitor the individual parking areas.



Use TAPS to monitor the outside and inside parking spaces of your hotel. In order to provide an excellent service, the hotel informs its guests about the available parking spaces. By using TAPS sensors, the hotel is able to inform its guests at any time about the exact number of available parking spaces.


Service areas

In order to offer an excellent service, the service station informs its travelling clientele about free parking spaces, free loading stations and free truck parking spaces. By using the TAPS sensors, the service area is able to inform the guests about the number of free parking spaces at any time.


Why a partnership with LTS AG?

Real problems - real solutions

TAPS replaces the previous loop system on the roads and enables dynamic traffic guidance in real time. The idea was secured by a research assignment from a large Swiss city.

Cost reduction

TAPS reduces installation and maintenance costs by up to 50%, offering a significant increase in efficiency by reducing costs at all levels.

Many years of experience

The development team at LTS has a proven track record in the development of hardware and software for the transport, rail and avionics sectors. Parts of the development (e.g. control systems for tanks, helicopters) were implemented at MIL standard level.

Manage wireless network

We manage the entire infrastructure for you, so you can focus on selling your services and developing your applications.

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