Smart Parking

Parking shortages cause increased search traffic and lead to noise and environmental pollution. With TAPS, the parking lot of the future becomes an integrated part of the mobility chain.

How it works

The TAPS Sensor ermittelt freie Parkplätze und leitet diese automatisch über das TAPS Gateway an die verarbeitende TAPS Software Suite weiter.

First Car
Second Car
Third Car

The TAPS Sensor determines free parking spaces and automatically routes them through the TAPS Gateway to the processing TAPS Software Suite further. With the software, the operator has the possibility to evaluate the parking behavior and to engage.

Mit der Software hat der Betreiber die Möglichkeit, das Parkverhalten auszuwerten und einzugreifen.

Our solution

Dynamic traffic and fee management: Thanks to the TAPS real-time software parking occupancy and fees can be dynamically adjusted depending on the time of day, occupancy level or other situational conditions.

About TAPS Sensor
Dynamic traffic and fee management
Against prohibited parking

Against prohibited parking: The TAPS Sensors immediately send the notification when a vehicle has parked or stopped in a prohibited place. Private, limited and reserved parking spaces can be effectively monitored.

About TAPS Sensor

Environmentally friendly technology: 1.9 billion hours, 3.2 liters of fuel and 45 billion euros is the annual cost of finding a parking space. TAPS' system reduces CO2 emissions and also includes an energy self-sufficient TAPS Sensor.

About TAPS Sensor
Environmentally friendly technology
Area of use

Parking garages and decks

With TAPS, you direct motorized traffic as directly as possible to free parking spaces. Even on parking decks the TAPS ground sensors ideal for installation and protected from environmental influences. In addition, the sensors have a longer life cycle and lower maintenance costs than comparable technology.


Public Parking

With the TAPS Software Suite operators can evaluate parking behavior and intervene if necessary. The software supports the organization of parking management and helps to fill vacant parking spaces and correct parking violations more quickly.


Private and reserved parking

Das TAPS System immediately send the notification when a vehicle has parked or stopped in a prohibited location. In this way, parking spaces can be monitored and kept free for specific vehicles or groups (police, fire department, ambulance).


Time limited parking

The TAPS Sensors can be used for special parking areas, such as short term parking or expensive city center parking. With our platform, parking regulations can be enforced and time-limited zones in city centers can be closely monitored. This means that it is always apparent whether the time-limited parking interval has been overdrawn or not paid at all.


Residential parking and shared parking spaces

Shared use of parking spaces can be set as desired. Reports of unauthorized parking spaces can be sent immediately to the owners or directly to the towing companies.