Smart Traffic

Induction loops are nowadays the standard in traffic control - despite their costly installation through road rips as well as cost- and time-intensive maintenance. For Smart Traffic, TAPS offers the ideal solution.

Der handliche und leicht installierbare TAPS Bodensensor erkennt über elektromagnetische Sensoren die Anwesenheit von Fahrzeugen und leitet die Daten in Echtzeit an den TAPS Gateway and the TAPS Software weiter.

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The handy and easy-to-install TAPS ground sensor detects the presence of vehicles via electromagnetic sensors and transmits the data in real time to the TAPS Gateway and the TAPS Software further. With a detection reliability of 99%, the sensor can be used in the field of dynamic traffic guidance as a replacement for induction loops and as an intelligent parking manager.

Mit einer Erkennungssicherheit von 99% kann der Sensor im Bereich dynamische Verkehrsführung als Ersatz von Indunktionsschleifen und als intelligentes Parkmanager eingesetzt werden.

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Our solution

Acceleration of traffic flow: The average driver spends about 9 percent of their driving time stuck in traffic. TAPS system solves this - in an even more cost-effective and simple way than induction loops.

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Overall analysis: In addition to the precise recording of the actual state of traffic, historical analyses and trend calculations can also be carried out. Due to the in-house Intelligence (GUI) TAPS offers a cost-effective and reliable entry into dynamic traffic management.

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Simple and fast expansion: With the modern TAPS system, one to two Sensors as well as a Gateway installed. Compared to the much more complex induction loops, this process costs up to 50 percent less. Moreover, this technology can be expanded at will.

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Use cases

Dynamic traffic control

An important area of application of the TAPS system solution are the intersections that need to be monitored and guided. Due to the unique sensor technology, it is possible to dispense with the previous costly induction loops.


Traffic counts

The TAPS Sensor determines the number of vehicles passing through a road section or intersection in a given period of time. This is the basis for an economical and planned improvement of traffic connections.


Maintenance work, traffic jams and road works

The TAPS Technology can be extended as required and provides the basis for temporary traffic events such as predictive traffic control (e.g. detours, emergency lanes, etc.), adaptive congestion management or temporary use for construction site light signals.