Ceiling sensor

In addition to detecting the availability of parking spaces, the TAPS ceiling sensor from LTS AG can be used as a presence detector and thus control different systems.



Assured supply and detection

With the connection to the mains voltage or DC voltage, the sensor supplies itself independently and offers a high detection rate based on the radar technology.


Easy installation

When mounted on the ceiling, the sensor is connected to the power supply and any control lines. Depending on your preference, the sensor can be connected to the system wirelessly or by cable.


Various fields of application

Due to the placement, the sensor detects the free or occupied parking spaces from above and passes them on to the management tool. With galvanically isolated digital output, external devices such as displays and relays can also be included.


Accurate detection with the TAPS ceiling sensor

Accurate detection with the TAPS ceiling sensor

The TAPS ceiling sensor detects available and occupied parking spaces and can be used as a presence detector. The main features of the sensor include:

  • Radar
  • High detection rate (99%)
  • Update Over the Air (OTA)
  • Real time data
  • Digital IO for controlling external equipment
  • IP68
  • Easy installation and commissioning (plug-and-play)

Space saving and effective

Mounted on the ceiling, the TAPS ceiling sensor offers the following advantages:

  • Different operating frequency bands: 868 MHz (EU), 902 to 928 MHz (US) and 920 to 925 MHz (Singapore)
  • Radar detection
  • Up to 50 meters communication range to the TAPS gateway (per repeater additionally 100 meters each)
  • Expected service life of over ten years
  • Resistant to extreme ambient temperature and humidity
  • Mass of 105 x 75 x 40 mm, weight of 0.24 kg
  • Polycarbonate body material