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Project Aadorf

Robust and field-proven solution

Traffic and parking management with TAPS sensors in the Aadorf industrial area

On behalf of the city of Aadorf and a property manager, eight TAPS sensors were installed on Industriestrasse for traffic and parking management. The LTS AG solution will be used to manage the parking spaces with TAPS and to analyse the traffic in the industrial area of Aadorf. Four TAPS sensors for traffic counting were installed on the two-lane main road. In addition, four car parks with four TAPS sensors were installed for parking management.

The installation for parking and traffic detection took place in autumn 2019. The property manager of the parking infrastructure now has the possibility to evaluate and monitor the parking behaviour with the TAPS software suite. The TAPS sensors immediately send a notification when a vehicle has parked or stopped in a prohibited area. Some parking spaces can only be occupied by certain vehicles or groups (employees, visitors, logistics, etc.). This enables the property manager to detect wrong parkers and long-term parkers and to fine them if necessary.

The property manager is one of the largest property managers in the canton of Thurgau and is very interested in a solution for parking management. Owners and landlords can now benefit from high quality with state-of-the-art parking technology. Thanks to the physical proximity of the project site and the location of LTS AG, new system updates in the hardware area can be carried out and tested in a timely manner. This means that our customers always have the latest technology and we have a test site for the introduction of new products. For traffic sensors on the road, work has been underway since quarter 4 2019 on vehicle classification and real-time data transmission. In this way we want to offer our customers greater added value for installation and a high-quality alternative to the induction loop. With the all-in-one solution from TAPS, our customers can benefit from an integrated solution in the parking and traffic management sector.

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