Traffic dynamics for you and your customers

The TAPS system with Software, Sensor and Gateway is a total solution for smooth processes on roads and parking fields. Whether in the field of traffic management or intelligent parking: TAPS is your data provider for individual and ideal traffic solutions.



Easy to integrate and customize

A TAPS Sensor is quickly installed and incurs little installation and maintenance costs. The system can be expanded easily and with little effort.


Individual and simple data access

The TAPS Gateway forwards the data to the infrastructure or cloud that is ideal and familiar to you. From there, you can use the TAPS Software to independently store, manage and analyze data.


Cost-effective, environmentally friendly and innovative

With the TAPS system you become part of Smart Traffic and Smart Parking. By reducing CO2 emissions and using the energy-autonomous TAPS sensors, you also protect the climate.

Use cases

Public institutions and administrations

TAPS is the solution against congested city centers and the search for free parking spaces. Optimize parking by identifying underused parking areas and directing traffic to them. TAPS also monitors parking lots and enforces parking regulations efficiently and seamlessly.

Traffic integration and planning

With real-time data from TAPS, you get detailed and cross-time insights into traffic flow on roads and parking lots. In addition, TAPS replaces costly induction loops and reduces installation and maintenance costs by up to 50 percent compared to the classic induction loop.

Parking management

Your previous parking app only shows you which parking spaces are reserved or currently booked. However, you don't have any real-time information about whether a vehicle is actually in the parking space. Whether parking garage, parking deck or public parking spaces: With TAPS you can use the real-time data and integrate it into your own system.


Get employees to their workplace faster and in a targeted manner. Guide them to available parking spaces through real-time data, ending the perpetual search for free parking. Our data also enables accurate enforcement of reserved, visitor and handicapped parking.

Service area and charging station operator

In order to provide excellent service, service station and charging station operators inform their traveling clientele about available parking spaces, charging stations and truck parking spaces. By using the TAPS sensors, you are able to inform the guests exactly about the number of free parking spaces at any time.

Airports and hotels

Monitor the outdoor and indoor parking spaces of your airport or hotel with TAPS. By using TAPS sensors you can inform your guests about the number of available parking spaces at any time. In short-term zones such as holding areas, you can use the TAPS sensors to automatically monitor the individual parking spaces.