TAPS real-time software

The TAPS Software Suite is a real-time software for occupancy detection of parking lots and streets. The software package handles configuration, monitoring, visualization, analysis and archiving of the data collected by the TAPS Sensor and forwarded by the TAPS Gateway and enables traffic flow control.



Usable on all platforms

With API services, the data can be used with third-party software solutions or managed in the cloud.


Dynamic traffic and pricing

The incorporation of situational conditions enables the dynamic adjustment of traffic flows and parking fees.


Various fields of application

  • Congestion management in road traffic and temporary road conditions with Smart Traffic
  • Parking monitoring, parking control and parking coordination with Smart Parking



With the individual arrangement of the TAPS sensors, selected locations can be configured via the software, such as:

  • Road areas
  • Type of parking space (e.g. disabled parking space)
  • Payment information (e.g. prices)
  • Occupancy limits (e.g., percentage of free space, average or total occupancy).
The configuration tool includes a table and map with all network devices (sensors and gateways).


The software consists of two main dashboards that ensure monitoring of traffic flow and TAPS devices:

  • The overview dashboard provides an overview of all activities on the road or in the parking.
  • The device dashboard provides a detailed overview of the status of all sensors and gateways and their operation over a selected period of time. It can detect a local problem in time and triggers an alarm to prevent critical situations.
The dashboards summarize all current data from the entire network in real time.


Thanks to visualizations, data on individual slots or sectors is displayed in an understandable way, such as:

  • Duration of stay of the vehicle (adjustable by colors)
  • Average occupancy time of a parking space
  • Average turnover per parking space
The visualizations are downloadable in the form of daily or monthly reports in CSV or MS Excel format.


The TAPS system provides secure API REST services that offer the following functions:

  • Platform-independent use of the collected data
  • Possible connection with third-party software solutions or the cloud
  • Possible forwarding of data to a data warehouse to summarize and store all long-term data
The system offers the APIs in JSON and XML format. The type of API used depends on the solution you want to implement.