Park management: A guide to success

01/07/2020 | Emanuell Tomes

Have you ever thought about how much time is wasted looking for a parking space? Figures from Germany show that drivers there spent an incredible 1.9 billion hours looking for a parking space in 2017.

No less than 3.2 billion liters of fuel were consumed in the process. Smart parking management provides a remedy. It is particularly in demand at a time when people are generally thinking a lot about climate protection and sustainability. The TAPS Park Management System from LTS AG is the optimal solution.

This is because it uses the world's first energy-autonomous ground sensor, which can efficiently optimize parking management and dynamic traffic guidance. LTS AG's Park Management offers the exciting possibility of recording and evaluating traffic data and flows. 

With the help of this data, traffic control can be intelligently intervened. The search for a parking space is often much more exhausting than the 50-kilometer drive before it. Many laps around the block until you finally find a suitable space. Therefore, it is important to manage the parking space as effectively as possible with intelligent parking management in order to integrate the parking space as a complete part of the mobility chain. Without traffic management, drivers spend minutes searching for parking spaces, resulting in increased traffic volumes. This is also accompanied by increased environmental and noise pollution. This is precisely why we developed TAPS - an intelligent system for traffic and parking management.

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Emanuell Tomes

Emanuell Tomes holds a degree in business informatics and has extensive training in software development. His professional career began with software developments for the City of Zurich and other public offices. Later, he independently developed geographic information systems for major clients. He has been on board since the birth of LTS AG and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2019.

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